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‘You can get rich with your smartphone’, this is a statement that a lot of business savvy with the know hows of smartphones and gadgets like the apple iPhones and iPods, Samsung android phones and tablets, Nokia phones, personal computers, etc

Hey there reader, can you confidently make this statement? Sure you can. Before you do, there are  a few pieces of  information DO7 Solutions has thought necessary for you have in order to say  these words ‘I can get rich with my smartphone.’


I see rich people and the look just like me, but hang on..they  are human beings and I am a human being too, so I have a chance, but how?

People get rich by getting income that makes their expensive  lifestyle, responsibilities, and expenses irrelevant ie there is a lot of money left after all your spending. you can get income from your job, business when you sell your old stuff when you render that extra service and you get paid for it.

To get rich you have to multiply what you earn now by  your age, lol, yeah sure your age, you have to want and need getting rich, so go ahead and multiply now.


Ok, what do you have to give out that is of value to someone else? Thinking? Yeah go on think, you should have fun while you are at it and alert me when you are done. yeah!! I see you have come up with some good ideas and some funny ones as well.

-Now take up your smartphone, any smart device or system

-Go online and run a search on your idea to get more information about what is happening already to your idea and the industry your idea falls  under. Know more about your idea, know your competition and every possible information you can get both online and offline  so you will not go in blindly but fortified.

-Now think of what you intend to achieve with your idea eg N10 million profit at the end of your 3rd business year, become the number one retailer of children’s clothes in the province where your local store in positioned, etc then draft an executable means and strategy for you to attain your goals.


Objective- Make profit of N10 million by the end of the second business year

Question-How can I Make profit of N10 million selling custom made clothes.

Calculations- Meet an accountant friend to help you calculate how many clothes you need to sell to meet you say N10 million mark, then prepare a marketing plan around this to meet reach your target customers



-Get a Business model and plan

-set up a team and increase production

-redesign production, business process and structure to save time, money and be very efficient

-ensure the business process is very efficient

-Build Site, sell with social media, use Shopify, 3dcart, WordPress for site and  use vogue pay, 2checkout,etc as payment gateway


-Have fun(winks)

 -Raise Capital when needed

To raise more capital

1) Sell more accessories like beads, etc

2) Sell online

3) Have savings

4) have a side job if possible for alternative income

5) seek investors and pitch(subscribe and watch out for our ‘know how to pitch’ videos on youtube and facebook)

For more inquiries and information subscribe to our social media platforms online and watch out for our unending flow of ideas you will need to work efficiently.



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