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Last night I was thinking about how I would live my dreams having found myself in a stressful environment like Nigeria.

I got into fantasizing about how I would run a huge business structure, be well respected by friends, family, and colleagues. I was having so much fun forgetting mosquito bites, loud generator sounds coming from the surrounding, I was living the life.

I then was trying to figure out the ideas which would get me to my desired life becoming aware of my present status and resources, it was dawning on me that I needed to some work as I have had over a thousand ideas at heart, mind, head and fingertips that are yet to be implemented. For the most part, my percentage completion status has been dependent on the availability of technology devices outside constant factors like food, shelter and basic amenities.

That night I reached for my aging smartphone which has been a companion in the struggle to research about the availability of a website plugin which would perform a peculiar task that will aid clients to effectively communicate with my support team in a customized manner. As usual, my internet facility was on and I searched Google on my opera web browser and boom! I found something close. I went further and my battery beeped notifying me about a low battery. Gosh! I just charged to full my battery, plus I always have a standby battery charge ready that I had used up to 83%, “not now please”, I thought to myself, is the saying that challenges come when great things are about to happen in our lives correctly? I forged on as far as I could and my phone went off.

To the bone of contention, when we have smart and working devices the probability of us getting things done efficiently is high. In my case I always have two batteries charge ready, my inverter charged when I am at home or office, but on the go I could keep a power bank close by. I have had friends who have literally been crippled by their devices(mobile phones, computers, etc) when they needed them the most due to negligence and poor maintenance. One reason for a great number of persons whose devices fail them is because of less sophisticated devices which are caused by lack of funds to get choice devices like the ipone7s, Samsung galaxies, MacBooks, hp envies, etc.

The knowledge they say is power and ignorance are no excuses. Our devices have become an essential part of us and we must take good care of then effectively and economically  without jeopardizing quality and sophistication and this brings me to how best you can achieve these;

10 Tips on how to keep you devices working smoothly for you safely.

  1. Charge to full after purchasing
  2. When full unplug, minimize working always with the power plug on to prevent damage of charging port.

3.Reduce the brightness of you display light to avoid eye defects and also save battery life.

4.Save you screen from damage by using screen guards, phone holder ring(you can purchase online from us at www.do7solutions.com)

  1. While working with computers avoid lying down, use ergonomically friendly seats and tables for work to improve efficiency and on-time delivery and also save yourself from body pain.
  2. Take intermittent breaks after looking at you display screens for a while. Try this eye exercise, focus on an object about 5meters away from you for 20 seconds. Do this periodically when you feel fatigued.

7.Try as much as you can in going wireless where you have leverage as applicable in Bluetooth speakers, etc (shop for wireless devices on www.do7solutions.com)

  1. When you observe a faulty device fix it. Good thing that in your busy schedule you can use our online repair and delivery services to get your devices working smoothly. You can place your repair order by calling or filling the online form on www.do7solutions.com platform and relax while your device is picked up fixed and returned back to you.
  2. Install what is necessary. Try installing applications you need such as office, browsers, social media, multimedia and security applications. Leave out what you do not need to prevent slow running devices. You can call out tech-support for speedy installation and maintenance of your device applications.

10.Stop applications running in the background which is not in use, For android and iPhone users hold your home button for 3 seconds, then swipe away unwanted applications, for PC and Mac users cancel from your taskbars. This helps save battery life and keeps devices healthy.

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Write up by David Olaka(Tech Entrepreneur at DO7 Solutions)

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