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Our Story

How we started

DO7 was born from a desire to achieve and live a great live and having possession of my sister’s laptop I picked interest in, I David ‘Diamond ‘ Olaka started serving phone and computer solutions to people around him.

The idea was conceived in 2007 when I was graduating and leaving for service when it dawned on me that I had to do something or live like a lot of people waiting and complaining for what might not be. I found out that with the proper information, product and service I could live a comfortable and smart life and that is exactly what everyone wants. 

DO7 Solutions and services has played a part in the growth of lots of clinets including persons and businesses with top notch and latest technology development that solves their problems. 

Their problems include;

Broken or faulty phones,  computers, gadgets and other technology equipments.

Slow business processes where we get to develope solutions to improve their processes and aid growth

Expensive IT department running cost where we be an outsourced IT department and help cut cost

Little or no knowledge of the best products where we give free consultation to supply the best products at affordable rates

DO7 Solutions operates in Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt, Yenagoa,  Calabar 

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