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Custom Built Computer

Custom Built Computer

Whether you’re looking for a gaming powerhouse or a flexible family computer that can be upgraded for years to come, you won’t find a better deal than a custom-built PC from DO7 Solutions.

By designing computers from scratch and using only quality parts, we can create a custom-built solution at an affordable price. From hard drive size, to processor speed, to the color of the case, everything can be tailored to your exact specifications. And because we’re an independent shop right here in Seattle, you’ll never pay premium rates for name-brand recognition.

What Makes DO7 Solutions Custom PCs So Special?

Certified Technicians

Premium Parts

2 Year Warranty

Our trained and certified technicians will build your new computer in-house, with premium parts that we know and trust. We’re so confident in the quality of our machines that we offer a two-year warranty on every computer sold.

Get a custom built computer today!

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When you order a custom-built desktop PC from DO7 Solutions, you’ll enjoy:

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