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EazyBiz-Retail Management solution


In-Store POS In-Store POS

☀ Sales with cross-channel inventory visibility and order fulfillment.
☀ Extend sales and service with mobile POS.
☀ Reduce fraud with multiple levels of security for cashiers and managers.
☀ Speed checkout with integrated payment processing.
☀ Increase productivity with an easy-to-use and intuitive touch-screen interface.
☀ Safeguard against threats with PA-DSS validation and point-to-point encryption technology.

Order Management Order Management

☀ Manage orders from multiple channels—POS, web, call center, mobile, kiosk—all in one place.
☀ Get a single view of inventory, spanning warehouses, stores, 3PLs and drop-ship locations.
☀ Reduce excess inventory, capture lost sales and promote the most profitable products to your customers.
☀ Easy and accurate support cross-channel returns and exchanges.

Inventory and Supplier Management Inventory and Supplier Management

☀ All Books of Inventory,Brand, Group & Category Wise Inventory.
☀ Item Wise Gross Profit Party-wise Price Structure for Items / Groups.
☀ Receive purchase and transfer orders at all inventory locations.
☀ Manage your supplier/vendor relationships from single system.
☀Track and have full visibility to all purchase orders for each vendor.

 Invoicing Invoicing

☀ Fast payment and reprinting options.
☀ Client oriented displays – its always easy to pull up all Jane Doe’s invoices.
☀ Monthly statements and late charges.
☀ Option to open the invoice database in MS-Excel.
☀ A screen for reviewing any client’s invoices in QuickBooks and making payments on them.

 Reports Reports

☀ A selection of weekly, monthly and quarterly sales reports including top sellers.
☀ Selection of inventory reports including overstock, under stock, audit and shrinkage.
☀ Options to focus any report on selected items, suppliers, department or code range.
☀ History of daily sales and POS totals.Option to subtotal reports by department.
☀ Catalogue style output with product description, stock numbers, and prices.

Accounting Accounting

☀ General Ledger Profit/Cost Centres.
☀ Printing and Mailing of Room/Monthly Guest Bills to Companies. Statement Print/Email with Past due Messages.
☀ Outstanding Reports and Analysis Configurable Payment Reminder Letters.
☀ Configurable Sales & Purchase Registers Voucher Approval System.

Easy Billing Easy Billing

☀ Get started quickly.
☀ Customize the way your bill prints.
☀ Specify product names in your regional language.
☀ Express check out
☀ Keyboard less checkout for touch screens.
☀ Create Invoice estimates / Performa Invoices.
☀ Fix data entry mistakes by deleting bills, editing bills, shifting bill numbers.
☀ Point of sPaperless billing.
☀ Send bills by emails / SMS.

 Product Management / Item Management Product Management / Item Management

☀ Defining product is made easy for various business types.
☀ Integration with electronic weighing scale.
☀ Assign your own barcodes to product.
☀ Print barcode stickers.
☀ Support for EAN number.
☀ Add your own fields to products e.g.: size, color, manufacturer, gender, group
☀ Handle sorting and cleaning of loose items.
☀ Batch upload your products using Excel.
☀ Export product list in Excel file.
☀Organize your items in more than one category

Cash Register Cash Register

☀ Create multiple cash registers.
☀ View cash register balance at any time.
☀ Manage cash register sessions.
☀ Associate cash register with user login.
☀ Manage separate bill books per cash register.
☀ View cash, credit card slips & cheque details.
☀ Print cash register details.

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